Euro Layering Necklaces

Euro Layering Necklaces

Which coin necklace matches your vibe?  You have your choice of one these 3 perfect layering necklaces.  These pair perfectly with lots of layers or by themselves.  The coin featuring the bust of the lady has a lady riding a horse on the opposite side, which we think is pretty awesome.  


*Each necklace is 20.5in at its' longest and 18.5in at its' shortest.*


    18K Gold Plated Brass


    Nickel and lead free

    Cubic Zirconia stone


    We take time to make each piece to fit you.  Normal processing time is 14 days.  If we can get your order to you sooner, we will make every effort to do so.  Please make sure to send us an email prior to purchase if you need your item within a certain timeframe.  Email us at

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