Handsfree Gadget and JBH Keychain

Handsfree Gadget and JBH Keychain

We love this acrylic, lightweight handsfree gadget for opening doors and pushing keypads.  You can use this to push elevator buttons and store and gas station keypads.  This is just one simple way to keep your hands clean throughout the day.  And of course, the handmade wood beaded keychain adds some JBH style to your keyring.  We even hand-paint the leopard beads.


    These are wood beads on gray leather lace.


    We take time to make each piece to fit you.  Normal processing time is 14 days.  If we can get your order to you sooner, we will make every effort to do so.  Please make sure to send us an email prior to purchase if you need your item within a certain timeframe.  Email us at jackiebluehandmade@gmail.com.

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