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Behind Every Cloud 2024 Infertility Awareness Fundraiser

Behind Every Cloud 2024 Infertility Awareness Fundraiser



*YOU MUST PUT YOUR NOMINATION IN THE REQUIRED FIELD. WE WILL NOT GO BACK AND ADD THE NOMINATION AFTER PURCHASE.* {This is our way of keeping it fair and seamless when it comes time to collect all of the nominations.}

-ONE NOMINATION COUNTS PER ORDER. Put the same couple's name in the required field if you add more than one infertility awareness item to your order. This single order regardless of quantity of pieces, counts as ONE nomination.


-NOMINATIONS CLOSE MAY 21ST AT 11:59pm (any nomination after will NOT be counted.)

-Coupon codes are NOT valid on fundraiser items

-18inch in the necklace is the most popular option. On 18in and longer, we add a 2inch shortening option.

-Not all rhinestones will be the same color.

-PLEASE MAKE SURE the couple you are nominating is going through infertility and is either seeking treatments or the adoption process. We will verify this after drawing their name.

-Please make sure the couple is ok with their name being read on social media. We will read all the FIRST names of those people nominated, but we will say the FIRST AND LAST names of the couple drawn.


With National nfertility Awareness Week starting April 21st, we are so excited to do another Infertililty Awareness Fundraiser. With your purchase, please nominate ONE COUPLE (LEAVE THEIR NAME IN THE REQUIRED FIELD) who is currently going through infertility and who is either CURRENTLY pursuing infertility treatments or adoption. Once we close the nomination period on May 21st, we will draw the name of one couple live on instagram and Facebook to win $10 of every sale and anything we have raised above and beyond via business donations. We will fully disclose how many pieces were sold. Again, please make sure the couple is ok with their name being read live on Facebook/Instagram. We will read all the FIRST names of those people nominated, but we will say the FIRST AND LAST names of the couple drawn.


1 in 6 couples are affected by infertility. This bracelet and necklace are our way of bringing awareness to those in the thick of their journey and financial support to one couple. This piece represents the dreary, but hope-filled journey of infertility. Sometimes it feels like a raincloud following you throughout the day. Sometimes lightning strikes. But one day the clouds will move out and the sun will peek through. I pray that the storm you’ve endured washes away the heartache and gives way to all your hopes and dreams. Remember that a storm never lasts, but the sun always shines behind every cloud.


This is a thoughtful gift for the woman currently on her journey or the one who has come out on the other side stronger. And how awesome, that a portion of your purchase will go straight to a couple on their journey to parenthood! Last year with the help of sales, businesses, and individuals, we were able to hand the winning couple $2,000. In 2022, we were able to give over $3,000 to a couple, who now has a little boy. In 2021, we gave $2,000. When we did this fundraiser in 2019, we were able to give $500 to a couple pursuing infertility treatments. Not long after, they were blessed with TWINS as a result of their treatment.


Infertility is a huge part of the the growth of the JBH brand over the years. This business was grown to offset the cost of treatement for Jackie and Zach. Not only was jewelry design and creation a form of therapy for Jackie through this time, but it helped to fund the journey to their miracle baby girls, Channing Michelle, born September 2017 and Sylvia Richey, born May 3rd, 2021. They are now expecting their third child, a baby boy, after going through treatments for the 5th time. Channing, Sylvia, and baby boy are a result of the selfless act of egg donation from a dear friend of the couple. Now they continue to support other couples going through their own battle to parenthood.


    Bracelets are howlite beads with gold or silver rhinestone cloud charm on high-quality stretch cord. 

    Necklaces are gold or silver rhinestone cloud charms on non-tarnish chain.

    For a perfect fit, measure your wrist with a soft tape measure (or string/floss and yard stick).  Choose your size from the drop down menu.

    To keep the metal accents looking beautiful, place in a plastic sealed bag when not wearing.  Avoid contact with water/steam.


    We take time to make each piece to fit you.  Normal processing time is 14 days.  If we can get your order to you sooner, we will make every effort to do so.  Please make sure to send us an email prior to purchase if you need your item within a certain timeframe.  Email us at

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