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Cell Phone Charm DIY Kit

Cell Phone Charm DIY Kit

Through infertility treatments, the loss of my father-in-law, and other trying times, jewelry/accessory making has been my form of therapy.  When I start creating, I literally get lost in my creations.  I hope that this DIY project brings you or your loved ones some joy and happiness.  Each kit will provide enough materials to create one cell phone charm.  Each kit will be placed in an organza bag.  


Let's create some beauty together!


*The beads you receive will be based on our current available materials and will be lightweight plastics and crystals.  I promise they will be fun!*


How it works:

This listing is for the KIT ONLY.  There is a short tutorial video available on our Instagram Reels and Facebook Business page video album available anytime that is conenient to you.  I am also always available for questions should you have any.  Feel free to email us at  Happy creating!


What you will receive:

You will receive beads, string, cell phone keychain attachment.  The only tools you will need are glue or clear fingernail polish and scissors. 

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