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Themed DIY Bracelet Making Kits

Themed DIY Bracelet Making Kits

Through infertility treatments, the loss of my father-in-law, and other trying times, jewelry has been my form of therapy. When I start creating, I literally get lost in my creations. I hope that these themed DIY kits brings you or your loved ones some joy and happiness. You can choose a a neautral kit, bright kit, or halloween themed kit. Each kit will provide enough materials to create AT LEAST 5 average bracelets.


Let's create some beauty together!


How it works:

This listing is for the KIT ONLY. There is not a specific class scheduled for this purchase. The cool thing, though, is that you can watch any of the tutorials from my Facebook page as a guide to create your bracelet at any time that is convinient to you. I am also always available for questions should you have any. Feel free to message our social media pages or email us at Happy creating!


What you will receive:

You will receive plastic beads, acrylic letter beads, fun themed beads of different shapes and colors, tiny accent beads, and about 60in of string. The only tools you will need are glue or clear fingernail polish and scissors. I also suggest taping one end of your string to a table, so the beads don't fly everwhere while you're creating. You will likely be able to create several more than 5 bracelets, so grab some extra stretch string too.


Looking for a specific theme for a party, message us to curate.

  • Materials

    stretch cord, acrylic letter beads, plastic beads, plastic storage case

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